fifa手游征途再起 百利成立于1996年,目前已是西北地區響力的專業品牌代理商之一

Baili was founded in1996and is now the most influential professional brand agency among the northwest provinces.



Baili believes in integrity, devotion, efficiency and innovation. We commit ourselves to provide consistent top notch professional services to our 59 brands.



Our company have over 760employees and we have a veteran management team experienced in collaborating with prestigious international brand.


在西安設有 10家子公司,在陜西省內寶雞、漢中、安康、渭南、延安、榆林、咸陽設有 家分公司,省外設有 4家子公司(河南潤和商貿有限公司、 新疆佳百利商貿有限公司、杭州龐谷貿易有限公司、上海文覽貿易有限公司).

We have ten subsidiaries in Xi’an alone and seven subsidiaries within the province located in Xianyang, Baoji, Hanzhong, Ankang, Yulin, Yanan, Weinan, Shangluo respectively. Outside the province we have  other subsidiaries operating in Xinjiang , Henan , zhejiang, Shanghai province.


We have impeccable credit history and are listed as a triple A client by our banks. Baili is a large taxpayer to the city as we are awarded “Outstanding Taxpayer of Shaanxi” by the provincial tax bureau. China General Chamber of Commerce awarded us the “China’s Prestigious Enterprise” title.



Our Company has over 730 employees, 90% of which are experienced veterans in their field. Baili’s Sales teams know their business, with professional teams which understand and execute the Brands’ ideals flawlessly, smooth management and daily operations are in safe hands.


百利建有專業的物流倉儲配送園,園區總面積11400平米,經過嚴格培訓上崗的庫管員66人。公司設有先進高效的倉儲配送管理制度,并能夠嚴格執行并達到品牌商對倉儲管理的標準。現有專業配送車輛24輛,經過專業配送培訓上崗的司機配貨人員 56名貨品配送提供強有力的保證。

Baili  has its very own 2.8 acres logistic park. Our warehouses have a team of 58 specially trained personnel to operate under your standards.We own a total of  24 delivery trucks operated by a team of 56 professional lorry drivers and logistics specialists to provide strong logistical support. 


公司采用先進的零售業管理軟件——道訊INTERLINK ERP系統,能夠準確、及時、全面掌握信息流、資金流和物流信息。同時提供靈活強大的商業智能解決方案,更迅速地掌握企業的零售、會員 、促銷活動、導購、庫存、成本等狀態,并及時做出經營決策,制定更加合理有效的營銷策略,以速度來應對多變的市場,從而實現向企業信息系統要效率和效益的目標。

Bailiimplements state of the art retail management technology including the INTERLINK ERP system that accurately monitors and provide real-time feedbacks on the information that matters most: such as logistics and accounting, while at the same time the system is able to provide solutions based on sales, member customers’ status, sales events, sales assistants and teams, inventory level and cost etc. This allows us to operate and devise sales strategies with efficiency and implement it with unprecedented speed against a fast changing consumer market.





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